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Quick Hit: Txt Me Win U Can Spel

An update for all you McTexting idiots out there who brutalize our language more each day: I know texting devices do not have spell-check in all cases, but there are a number of things that every single word processing or … Continue reading

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Lexicon Addendum: Predation, Continued

While our site is devoted to three different modules– eat, prey, and hate– the one requiring the most explanation for the casual reader remains “prey.”  Indeed, we have loosely defined predation on the sidebar of the homepage, and The Lawgiver … Continue reading

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Eat, Prey, Hate Lexicon Entry 1: Defiantly

Here at Eat, Prey, Hate,while we may hate many things, if there is one thing we do love, it is language. (No homo. Well, maybe just a little homo…) As such, we have gathered quite a wide vocabulary and have … Continue reading

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