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Quick Hit: Txt Me Win U Can Spel

An update for all you McTexting idiots out there who brutalize our language more each day: I know texting devices do not have spell-check in all cases, but there are a number of things that every single word processing or … Continue reading

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Vampires suck. Yes I made that pun up. Totally by myself. I hate vampires. I don’t mean just the Twilight-y mopey vampires. Hating them would be redundant. It would be like saying something over again unnecessarily. Or repeating it a … Continue reading

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Quick Hit: Fuck Royal Weddings

This is some bullshit.  $13 million dollars they are spending.  Because some dude who is in line for a throne that is purely symbolic is marrying some woman.  Nice, England.  Way to raise the bar for useless spectacle and irresponsible … Continue reading

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George Lucas is the Devil

Dear George, We’ve been through so much together, you and me and all my money, haven’t we? I’ve been needing to talk to you for so long, but you’ve been so busy for the past 10 years making those ‘movies’ … Continue reading

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Charlie Sheen, Welcome to the Hall of Pred

I don’t quite know what it is about overpaid, narcissistic, self-righteous trainwrecks like Charlie Sheen that give me such a hard on.  Maybe its the idea that one day I, too, will be able to so completely divorce myself from … Continue reading

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Alas, poor Haimster…

If there’s one word that adequately describes the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony, it’s “insipid.” What a sad, sad affair this was—drawn out, humorless (except for that Marky Mark bit,  just because it was amusing to see Wahlberg desperately trying to … Continue reading

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Oscars Suck

I hate the Oscars. Why? Take a look at the picture below. These are pictures of the nominees for best picture, best actor and actress, best supporting actor and actress, and best director. Notice anything they have in common? The … Continue reading

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