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Quick Hit: Txt Me Win U Can Spel

An update for all you McTexting idiots out there who brutalize our language more each day: I know texting devices do not have spell-check in all cases, but there are a number of things that every single word processing or … Continue reading

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Artistic Assassinry

Recently we at Eat, Prey, Hate have been watching MacGyver.  Why, you ask?  Shut up!  If you have to ask why, you clearly have not seen this show.  The brilliance, the artistry, Dana Elcar holdin’ it down at the Phoenix … Continue reading

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Quick Hit: Fuck Royal Weddings

This is some bullshit.  $13 million dollars they are spending.  Because some dude who is in line for a throne that is purely symbolic is marrying some woman.  Nice, England.  Way to raise the bar for useless spectacle and irresponsible … Continue reading

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Potluck Gorgin and Bein Awesome

Often the EPH contributors get together and gorge for gorgin’s sake.  It is the opinion of our cohort that eating 6000+ calories in one day is a form of predation— in the looser “bein awesome” sense of the definition.  In … Continue reading

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Lexicon Addendum: Predation, Continued

While our site is devoted to three different modules– eat, prey, and hate– the one requiring the most explanation for the casual reader remains “prey.”  Indeed, we have loosely defined predation on the sidebar of the homepage, and The Lawgiver … Continue reading

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Mount Up, Fellow Angels

The world is a far sadder place today with the announcement of the passing of Nathaniel Hale, AKA Nate Dogg.  For over a decade, Nate Dogg defined what a West Coast hook sounded like, and he gave us some of … Continue reading

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Bring the Kitsch: Roadhouses and Chopped Steak

I was just driving through a mountainous, and thus comparably isolated, region of the United States.  While stopping to get gas, I saw and decided to enter a true American cultural institution: the roadhouse.  For those not in the “know,” … Continue reading

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