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Daily Predation: Sydney Slammer

You probably haven’t read it here first. The video is pretty much all over the tubes by now–a story of an unlikely hero, violent harassment, and glorious comeuppance. For those of you who missed it, though, behold an object lesson … Continue reading

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Alas, poor Haimster…

If there’s one word that adequately describes the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony, it’s “insipid.” What a sad, sad affair this was—drawn out, humorless (except for that Marky Mark bit,  just because it was amusing to see Wahlberg desperately trying to … Continue reading

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“Haters be hatin’,” goes a popular saying. What sort of wisdom does this modern day proverb, this “strategy for dealing with situations” (in the Burkian sense), offer us? Facile consolation it the face of adversity? Reassurance that we are justified … Continue reading

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