Day of the Living Bread

Since I had some time on my hands last night, I quickly put together a batch of sourdough starter for sourdough rye + flax seed bread. I mixed the starter and other ingredients this morning, and a few hours of fermenting, maturing and baking later, I had two loaves of bread:

Pac-Man Boule


Smiling Torpedo

Typically, bread bakers try to avoid such irregular results by scoring (or slashing) loaves before baking. The slashes break surface tension and allow the bread to rise, each perfect score a testament to a baker’s steady hand and his or her great technique.

Apparently, I don’t have either, which doesn’t really stop me from trying new recipes. (I did try to learn how to score bread but with sad results.) Plus, I rather like my misshapen bread, especially when it comes out looking like a baker’s version of Halloween food.

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