Quick Hit: Txt Me Win U Can Spel

An update for all you McTexting idiots out there who brutalize our language more each day: I know texting devices do not have spell-check in all cases, but there are a number of things that every single word processing or online application marks as misspelled (red underline) or grammatically incorrect (green underline) but your lazy ass is too stupid or stubborn to fix.  Here are a few examples:

Site favorite: “definitely” is not the same word as “definately” or “defiantly.”  The word does not contain an “a,” dumbass.

“Sounds like, but ain’t” double-shot:  there are no such things as “intensive purposes.”  Similarly, you “should of” leaned by now that “of” is not a verb.

Finally, irregardless of what you think, its sure that your going to think there are more important things to do then catch the 4 errors in this sentence.  LOL.  IMAO.  ICYMI.

F U.

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