Quick Hit: Fuck Royal Weddings

This is some bullshit.  $13 million dollars they are spending.  Because some dude who is in line for a throne that is purely symbolic is marrying some woman.  Nice, England.  Way to raise the bar for useless spectacle and irresponsible spending.  Yeah, I just wrote last week about pouring ridiculous amounts of food down my gullet and sticking it to the Third World, but this is taking it too far!  Do you know how many people could be helped with a fraction of that money?  Plus, we’ll have to hear about this shit for like two weeks.  Every Seacrest-clone out there is gonna be talking about what color the Duchess of Fuckbury’s ridiculous hat was and how big the Earl of Fieldcestershire’s gotten.

Look, Kate's got an African country's GDP on her finger!

Blow me, royal weddings.

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One Response to Quick Hit: Fuck Royal Weddings

  1. Prince Harry says:

    Have you seen her sister? I like royal weddings.

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