Daily Predation: Sydney Slammer

You probably haven’t read it here first. The video is pretty much all over the tubes by now–a story of an unlikely hero, violent harassment, and glorious comeuppance. For those of you who missed it, though, behold an object lesson in reciprocity, courtesy of Casey “The Punisher” Haynes:


(Reportedly, YouTube keeps pulling the video; here’s an alternative source, just in case.)

As the saying goes, “Punch me once, shame on you. Punch me twice, I’ll fuckin’ break you in half.” If that’s not proper and righteous predation (see sidebar re: standing against odds, sweeping the leg, etc.), I do not know what is. Sure, it’s a little more complicated than that. As an avowed pacifist, I do not necessarily embrace body-slamming as a viable method of conflict resolution. As someone who had to deal with bullies throughout greater part of childhood and adolescence, however, I can only say: Bravo, Casey. Bravo. May this display of chutzpah and upper body strength be an inspiration to victims of bullying everywhere.

As for bullies… Go on, keep it up. Chances are, the next time you push someone too far and get the long-overdue ass-whooping, we will all get to see it. Ain’t technology grand?

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One Response to Daily Predation: Sydney Slammer

  1. Dr. Zira says:

    You know, that kid had been getting picked on for years. He got hit. He was duct taped to a pole. They duct taped his eyes shut. Apparently, no one at the school did jack. One day Corey just snapped and defended himself. What else was he supposed to do?

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