Eat, Prey, Hate Lexicon Entry 1: Defiantly

Here at Eat, Prey, Hate,while we may hate many things, if there is one thing we do love, it is language. (No homo. Well, maybe just a little homo…) As such, we have gathered quite a wide vocabulary and have a tenancy to use specialized jargon that may at time be unfamiliar to outsiders. Indeed, there has already been some confusion amongst our ranks over the meaning of some of these specialized terms. Therefore, in the attempt to minimize further misunderstandings, we have decided to begin to define some of our terms.

Do Your Resoarch, Morans!

Therefore, I give you the first entry in the Eat, Prey, Hate Lexicon:

defiantly. adverb. Not to be confused with definitely.

  1. brazenly unequivocally; 110% positively.
  2. used to boldly express complete agreement or strong affirmation.


“Are you sure he grabbed her by the anus with both hands?”

If You Don't Know, Now You Know.

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3 Responses to Eat, Prey, Hate Lexicon Entry 1: Defiantly

  1. Scrub Ape says:

    I suspect that this will be reoccurring theme. Good times sir.

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