Quick Hit: Turkish Zoo Is Totally Safe

We want to give a quick EPH shout out to the Ankaran zoo where a tiger killed a lion with one swipe of its massive paw.  We do not celebrate the killing of the lion or the predatory instincts of the tiger.  Rather, we celebrate the zoo for its response to the attack.  According to the AP Press, “Six tigers remain in an enclosure at the zoo, which insists that it is safe for visitors.”

Kudos to these Turkish geniuses.   A TIGER killed a LION with one swipe of the paw, through a narrow gap in the cage.  But I am sure the zoo is safe for humans.  Our necks are so much more resilient than lions’.  Pussies.

King of the jungle my ass.

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5 Responses to Quick Hit: Turkish Zoo Is Totally Safe

  1. The Lawgiver says:

    Maybe the lion had it coming? Maybe the tiger conspired against him with a hyena?

  2. Cornelius says:

    Also, a dog-fox-thing was observed at the scene, trying to bum a dollar.

  3. Dr. Zira says:

    Yet more evidence that it actually sucks to be a lion.

  4. Steve says:

    Remember boys: violence is fueled by adultery.

    Check out:

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